Arts & Crafts - Items tagged as "Natural brown"

View all 0-14 1 canvas pad 1+ 1+ years 1-3 years 1.0 gram Washable Ink 1.8 gram Washable Ink 10 Assorted Colors 10 Classic Colors 10 different colors 10% chalkboard 10% plastic 10% plywood 10% white erase board 10+ years 10-Well 100% cotton 100% paper 100% plastic 100% Polyester Felt 11 Assorted Patterns 11+ 11-14 12 assorted colors 12 coloring options 12 colors 12 vibrant colors 12+ years 12-14 12-18 YEARS 12-Mar 13+ 13+ years 14 pt. thickness 14+ years 15% paper 18+ Months 2 Assorted Colors 2% chalk 2% metal 2% wood 2+ 2+ Years 2-8 2.3 gram Washable Ink 2.5 gram Washable Ink 24 Assorted Colors 25% solid wood 27% polyethylene 3 each per color 3 years and up 3% felt 3% plastic 3+ 3+ years 3-10 years 3-103 3-11 YEARS 3-14 3-14 years 3-18 3-18 years 3-5 3-6 3-6 years 3-7 3-7 years 3-8 3-8 years 3-9 years 30% fabric 30% paint 30% plastic 33% paper 4 - 6 Years 4 Assorted Colors 4 Assorted Patterns 4 Primary Color Assortment 4+ 4+ years 4-10 years 4-11 YEARS 4-12 years 4-14 4-14 years 4-17 4-17 years 4-18 4-18 YEARS 4-6 years 4-7 4-7 years 4-8 4-8 years 4-9 YEARS 4-99 4-99 years 48 assorted colors 5 Assorted Colors 5 Assorted Glitter Colors 5 Assorted Patterns 5 Multi-Cultural Assortment 5 YEARS AND UP 5% metal 5% paint; 5% wheat dough 5+ 5+ years 5-10 5-10 years 5-12 5-12 years 5-14 5-14 years 5-17 5-17 years 5-18 5-18 years 5-9 50% plastic 50% wood 5–9 years 6 Assorted Colors 6 Assorted Fluorescent Colors 6 Assorted Metallic Colors 6 colors 6 Colors Assorted Bright Hues 6+ 6+ years 6-14 6-18 6-8 6-Adult 7 Assorted Colors 7 Neon Color Assortment 7+ 7-12 years 70% solid wood 73% polypropylene 8 & up 8 assorted colors 8 Assorted Shapes 8 Asssorted colors 8 Standard Colors 8+ 8+ years 8-12 8-12 y 8-14 8-99 802 803 804 9 Assorted Colors 9+ 9+ years 9-13 years 95% pure calcium carbonate Acrylic Acrylic paint acrylic yarn Ages - Ages 1-3 Ages 12-18 Ages 12-18 Years Ages 2+ Ages 2+ Years Ages 3+ Ages 3+ Years Ages 3-10 Ages 3-12 Ages 3-14 Ages 3-14 Years Ages 3-18 Ages 3-6 Ages 3-6 Years Ages 3-7 Ages 3-7 Years Ages 3-8 Ages 3-9 Years Ages 4+ Ages 4+ Years Ages 4-10 Ages 4-10 Years Ages 4-11 Ages 4-14 Ages 4-14 Years Ages 4-17 Ages 4-17 Years Ages 4-18 Ages 4-18 Years Ages 4-6 Ages 4-6 Years Ages 4-7 Ages 4-7 Years Ages 4-8 Ages 4-8 Years Ages 4-9 Ages 4-9 Years Ages 5+ Ages 5+ Years Ages 5-10 Ages 5-10 Years Ages 5-14 Ages 5-17 Years Ages 5-18 Ages 5-9 Ages 5-9 Years Ages 6+ Ages 6+ Years Ages 6-12 Ages 6-8 Ages 7+ Ages 8+ Air-Dry Clay All All Ages All-Purpose school glue sticks Aluminum Aluminum Ferrules Aluminum Frame Aluminum wire and red and White Apple Green Aprons aqua blue ART Art & Craft Kits Art & Supplies Art Activity Books Art Straws Artime ARTS & CRAFTS Artstraws Assorted Assorted 4 Patterns Assorted 5 Patterns Assorted 6 Colors Assorted Bright Assorted Bright Colors Assorted Bright Hues Assorted Color Assorted Colors Assorted Confetti assorted fabric textures Assorted Hot Colors Assorted Iridescent & Neon Colors Assorted Metallic Assorted Metallic Colors Assorted Natural Colors Assorted Neon Assorted Neon Colors Assorted Pastel Assorted Pastel Colors Assorted Primary Colors Assorted Shapes & Colors Assorted Sparkling Assorted Vibrant Colors ASST Beach Beads bear brown beeswax Beige Bells Big Activity Workbooks Black Black & White black bristles Black Iron Black/White black; white black; white; brown blend blockout white Blue Blue & Red Blue Blazes Blue Lagoon Blue/Red/Yellow Blue/Yellow blue; yellow blue; yellow; red Blush blush pink Board Boost Seriously Fun learning Brick brick brown Bright Colors Bright Colors Assortment Bright Hues Bright Hues Assorted Bright Hues Assortment Bristles brite red Bronze Brow BROWN brown and two shades of green. Bubble Blue Burlywood burnt orange burnt sienna burnt umber Buttons cactus green Calcium Carbonate calcium sulfate Camel hair camel hair bristles Canvas Capital Letters card stock Cardboard Cardstock cardstock; yarn; food grade wax Carrot Orange/Orange Casting Compounds ceramic magnet Chalk Chalk board charcoal Charcoal Sticks Chenille Stems Chenille/Wire chrome orange chrome yellow Chrome/Gray Classic Crafts classic gold classic white Classroom packs clay Clay & Clay Tools Clear Clear Trasparent Clear/Clear Clothes Pins Cobalt Blue Color Splash Color'Peps Colored Pencils Colored Pigment Construction Containers COPPER Copper Mine Cord Corrugated Cardboard Cotton Craft Bags Craft Puffs Craft Sticks Crayon Crayons Cream Cream/White Creative Arts by Charles Leonard Creativity Street Crestline Crushed feldspar rock Dark Black Dark Blue dark gray Dark Green Deep Blue deep yellow Denim Denim Blue Dis. Purple School glue sticks Doilies Dolphin Gray dough Dough & Dough Tools Dry Erase Dry Tempera duck quills Dune Easels Eggplant Elastic elastic cord Ellison Classroom Series Emerald Green Emerald Zest Eva Foam Material EVA Resin Fabric Feathers Feldspar Rock Felt Fern Green/Green Fiber Material Tip Fibers Film Fire Flecks Flamingo Pink Flat flexible magnet Floof Fluo Yellow Fluorescent Blue fluorescent green fluorescent pink fluorescent yellow Foam Foam Shapes Foam/Magnet Foam/Plastic foam; plastic Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth food grade wax Forest Green frosty clear Fruity Orange Gaïa Geography Glitter Gloves glue Glue/adhesives Glycerin Food Grade Gold Gold Dust Gold Ingot Gold Medal Graph Art Graphite Gray Green Green and Blue Green Golf Green Machine green; red grey guinea fowl feathers hardwood Hog Bristles Hog Bristles/Aluminum Ferrules/Plastic Handles Holiday Green Hot Assorted Colors Hot Colors Hot Colors Assorted Hot Pink/Brite Yellow/Tangerine Orange/Lime Green/Electric Blue/Bright Purple inc. indigo and violet ink ink black ink pigment Intermediate Colors Iridescent Ivory Black Jade jay blue jungle green k-12 K-6 Lacquered Hardwood Handles/Natural Bristles/Aluminum Ferrules Laminating Film lavender Letters Set Light Blue Light Green Light Red lime lime green Lovely Pink Made from recycled material magenta Magic Mud® Magnet Tools Magnetic Foam Mardi Gras Assortment Marina Blue Marker Markers mars black Marshmallow Mask Mat Frames Mauve Metal metallic silver Mirror Mirrors Modeling Clay Modeling Compound Modeling Dough Modeling Dough/Plastic Tub Modeling Dough/Plastic Tub/Plastic Modeling Tools Modeling Material Mosaics Moss Green Mother of Pearl multi Multi-Color Multi-colored Multi-Cultural Multi/Multi Multicolored Multicultural Assorted My First Crayola N/A natural Natural Assorted Colors natural bristles natural brown Natural Colored Assorted Shapes Natural Colors Assorted natural hog bristles Natural White natural wood Natural Wood Handles Needles Neon Color Assortment Neon Colors Neon Colors & White neon green non toxic paint non-toxic Beeswax Noodles Nylon bristles Office Orange orange purple Orange/Red/Violet/Blue/Green/Black/Gold/Silver orange; green; violet Paint Paint Accessories Paint Brushes paint; plastic Painting pale violet Palette-Shape paper Paper Fiber Paper Glasses Paper Mache Paper Mats Paper White Paper/Adhesive Paper/Plastic paper; plastic Paperboard Parrafin Wax pasta pastel peach pastel pink Pastels peach peacock feathers pencils peppermint Permoplast® Phthalo Blue phthalo green pigment Pigments Pink Pink & Green Pink Bling Pink/Green/Red PK-3 PK-4 plastic plastic 15% Plastic Articles Plastic Cap & Barrel plastic handle Plastic Handles plastic housing & components Plastic Ribbon Plastic/Aluminum/Bristles Plastic/Bristles Plastic/Bristles/Foam Plastic/Dry Erase Board Plastic/Felt Plastic/Foam Plastic/Glass Plastic/Glue Plastic/Sponge Plastic/Wood/Metal plastic; felt plastic; foam plastic; glue plastic; metal plastic; sponge Playfoam Polycarbonate polycarbonate plastic polyester polyester and adhesive Polyester/Metal polyester; metal Polyethylene Potassium Sorbate Primo Art Pulp Purple Purple & Yellow Purple Steel Putty Puzzles PVA Quill Feathers rainbow Random Disco raw sienna Raw Umber Reading Recycled material Recycled plastic resin red Red & Blue Red Blue Red Kiss red-orange Red/Blue Red/Blue/Yellow/Green Red/Orange/Yellow/Dark Green/Blue/Violet/Black/White Red/Orange/Yellow/Dark Green/Light Green/Blue/Violet/Brown/Black/Pink Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/Violet/Brown/Black Red/Yellow red; blue red; yellow; blue Resin RESIN AND WAX Rice rock Rose Rubber Rubber stamp with plastic handle Rubber/Sponge/Foam Rubbing Plates Salmon Sand School Selfies Scratch Art Sheets Sculptamold® Self Hardening Clay Shapes Assortment Silicone Dioxide Silly Scents Silver Silver Sparkle Silver Sparks Sky Blue Slick Silver Sliver Snow White/White Soybean Spectral Green Spectral Violet Sponge Sponges Spring Colors Assorted Starch STEEL STEM Basics Stencils Sticky Shapes Strawberry Styrofoam Sunny Yellow sunshine yellow synthetic bristles Tan Teacher Resources teal Tempera Tempera Paint terra cotta Terracotta titan white Titanium White Toasted Tan/Brown TPR Translucent transparant clear True Blue Turkey Feather Turkey Feathers Turq Blue turquoise TURQUOISE BLUE ultra blue Ultramarine Blue Up to 9 Variety Various venetian red Venice Vermilion vintage orange vinyl Violet Violet Glitz Washable Paint/Ink water Water-based paint Waterbased Adhesive Waterproof Polyester Wax wax adhesive wax crayon 85% wax; oil White White Birch White Gesso white powder white; red Wiggle Eyes WIPE CLEAN Wire binding and laminated pages WireForm® WonderFoam Wood Wood & Metal wood brown Wood Crafts wood handles Wood/Acrylic Wood/Aluminum/Bristles Wood/Bristles Wood/Plastic Wood/Plastic/Feathers wood; metal wooden handle Wooden Shapes Woody Brown Xtra White Yarn yellow Yellow & Orange Yellow and Blue yellow-green youth