Learning Fun Workbooks First Grade Addition Highlights

Learning Fun Workbooks First Grade Addition Highlights

Highlights For Children

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The Addition book, developed with education experts, blends puzzles, humor and skills practice to pave the way for success in math. Aligned with school standards, it covers addition strategies, adding within 20, fact families, multiples of 10, using a hundreds chart, skip counting and more. Each lesson is accompanied by a puzzle to make it more fun to practice. There are Hidden Pictures scenes, mazes, codes, find-the-differences images, That's Silly scenes and more to keep kids interested. It also includes a colorful certificate of achievement and answers at the back.

Key Features :

Understanding addition is an important building block for future learning, and Highlights™ brings Fun with a Purpose® into this essential math activity for first graders.Our award-winning content blends math with puzzles and humor, which makes learning addition enjoyable while reducing math anxietyWith first grade addition strategies like counting on a number line and using ten frames, this book will help students grasp basic addition concepts and will build their confidence in the classroom.Highlights is the trusted brand that believes children are the world's most important people