Learning Fun Workbooks Gr 1 Subtraction Highlights

Learning Fun Workbooks Gr 1 Subtraction Highlights

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Our Learning Fun Workbooks are specially developed to blend learning and fun in a way that helps build school skills. The Subtraction book guides first graders through place value, multiples, fact families, subtracting within 20, word problems, strategies and more. Developed with teachers and aligned with school standards, the book uses fun and engaging puzzles like dot-to-dots, mazes, matching games, find-the-differences images, That's Silly scenes and Hidden Pictures scenes to keep kids interested. It also includes a certificate of achievement and answers at the back.

Key Features :

Our award-winning content blends math with puzzles and humor, which makes learning subtraction enjoyable while reducing math anxiety.Understanding subtraction is an important building block for future learning, and Highlights™ brings Fun with a Purpose® into this essential math activity for first graders.With first grade subtraction strategies like counting backward on a number line and understanding place value, this book will help students grasp basic math concepts and build their confidence in the classroom.Highlights is the trusted brand that believes children are the world's most important people