Foldout-fun Puzzle Books Abc Town Highlights

Foldout-fun Puzzle Books Abc Town Highlights

Highlights For Children

SKU: ERSHFC9781684372645

Foldout flaps are great for fitting big puzzle fun into a compact design. This 6" x 10-1/2" book opens up to reveal impressive 24-inch wide Hidden Pictures puzzles when you unfold the flaps. The picture clues are on the outside of the flaps. Besides the hidden objects, each scene also features items that begin with successive letters of the alphabet: armadillo, beaver, cat, dog, eagle and more, helping kids learn their letters from A to Z.

Key Features :

More than 140 hidden objects and animal characters make the searching and learning even more fun!This book's clever tall-and-thin format extends the classic and beloved Hidden Pictures® puzzling experience with gatefold flaps that double the size of each puzzle.Specifically created for children ages 3-6, each bright and busy image offers an entertaining and satisfying first-puzzling experience.Highlights is the trusted brand that believes children are the world's most important people