Kindergarten Thinking & Reasoning Learning Fun Workbooks Highlights

Kindergarten Thinking & Reasoning Learning Fun Workbooks Highlights

Highlights For Children

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Our Learning Fun Workbooks are specially developed to blend learning and fun in a way that helps build school skills. The Thinking and Reasoning book guides kindergartners through logic and problem-solving, creative thinking, patterns, sequences, opposites, comparisons and more. Developed with teachers and aligned with school standards, this book uses fun and engaging activities like logic puzzles, mazes, matching games, find-the-differences images, That's Silly scenes and Hidden Pictures scenes to keep kids interested. It also includes a certificate of achievement and answers at the back.

Key Features :

Developing good thinking and deductive reasoning skills is an important step toward success in school, and Highlights™ infuses Fun with a Purpose® into this essential learning activity.With vibrant art and engaging prompts, Thinking and Reasoning exposes kindergarteners to concepts such as sequencing and grouping and sorting through appealing activities and fun puzzles, including That's Silly!™ and Hidden Pictures® puzzles.Highlights is the trusted brand that believes children are the world's most important people. Our flagship magazine, Highlights, is the #1 most-read children's magazine in the country.With over 80% brand recognition, our award-winning magazines, bestselling story and puzzle books, and groundbreaking education books deliver on the Highlights promise of helping children become their best selves through exceptional, high-quality products for children.