Preschool Handwriting Tracing Practice Highlights

Preschool Handwriting Tracing Practice Highlights

Highlights For Children

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For kids who are still mastering pen control, tracing is the way to go. Highlights Handwriting Practice Pads make learning to write easier and fun. Created by the experts at Zaner-Bloser (a Highlights company), this book combines fun puzzles with writing, to engage kids. It also includes easy instructions and QR codes that link to animated handwriting tutorials. If your child is a “lefty,” don’t worry — flip-up pads are perfect for left-handed writers, too!

Key Features :

Highlights infuses Fun with a Purpose® into tracing and pre-writing practice with this 80-page, full-color pad designed for children in preschool and up.It has easy-to-follow instructions and special QR codes printed on the pages which can be scanned with a mobile device to watch animated handwriting tutorials.The pad's horizontal format provides plenty of writing space for both left-handed and right-handed kids, and also has convenient tear-off pages.Highlights is the trusted brand that believes children are the world's most important people