(2 Pk) Tag Sheets White 12x18

(2 Pk) Tag Sheets White 12x18

Dixon Ticonderoga Co - Pacon


Exceptionally strong lightweight White multi-purpose tagboard can be used for many arts and crafts projects. Great for calligraphy, stencils, stamping, paper sculpture, posters and flash cards. Works well with pencil, ink, pen, crayons, colored pencil and marker. Also works well for classroom anchor charts. Same color on both sides. Acid-free and recyclable. Measures 12" x 18". Each pack includes 100 sheets. Sold as 2 packs for a total of 200 sheets.

Key Features :

Lightweight 7 pt. thicknessSame color on both sidesGreat for 3D construction projectsIdeal for classroom and art projectsAcid free and recyclable