(2 St) Welcome Autumn Bulletin Board Set

(2 St) Welcome Autumn Bulletin Board Set

North Star Teacher Resource


Use our harvest themed bulletin board to illustrate counting, sorting, grouping, and to illustrate simple math story problems. Each photo-realistic set includes 105 pre-cut pieces: natural wooden cart (31.25" x 8.75"), 36 pumpkins (4" wide), 45 apples (3.25" wide) in three colors, 3 baskets (7.75" wide), 4 signs (4" wide), 16 flags to create a festive fall flag banner, and 13 acorns (acorns are not precut). Sold as a pack of 2 complete bulletin board sets.

Key Features :

This versatile set allows for horizontal or verticle arrangementsPhoto realism!Precut Pieces Include: 1 Cart (31-1/4" w x 8-3/4"h), 3 Baskets (7-3/4"w x 5-3/4"h), 4 Signs (4"w), 16 Banner Flags (4-1/4w x5-1/2"h), 36 Pumpkins (4"w), 45 Apples (3-1/4"w). Also included: 13 Printed Acorns (not precut), per set, 2 setsPieces are large enough to allow you to easily add student names, or to use for student teams, groups, or classroom job assignments.