(3 Pk) Glovies Multipurpose Gloves 50 Ct Disposable

(3 Pk) Glovies Multipurpose Gloves 50 Ct Disposable

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Stay mess free during craft time and protect your kids from all things germy with these latex-free Multipurpose Glovies. Perfect for keeping little hands clean. Glovies are disposable, non-biodegradable, and transparent with an embossed surface for a better grip. Each 50 count pack makes up 25 pairs of gloves. Sold as 3 packs. Size: 7" x 9". Ideal For • Arts & Crafts • Baking • Science Projects • Classrooms • Public Restrooms • Potty Training • Kids with Sensory Needs • Chores • Dog Cleanup • Anywhere Germy! Benefits • Protects from Nasty Germs & Harmful Paints/Dyes • Quick, Easy & Safe Protection for Kids' Hands • Saves Time for Clean Up - Throw the Mess Away! • Convenient to Use Anywhere, Anytime • Environmentally Responsible (No Water Needed for Clean Up) • Protective Barrier Promotes Peace of Mind that Children's Hands are Protected • Fun for Kids Features • Latex-Free • Powder Free • FDA Approved • Easy On & Easy Off • Lightweight & Very Comfortable • Embossed Surface for Better Grip • 50 per pack • Sold as 3 packs for a total of 150

Key Features :

Keep little hands clean from all things germy and messy.Spend more time with your kids/students having fun and less time cleaning up.No more germs shared while handling food in schools.Farm to School is more fun when using gLovies.