(6 Pk) Athletic Certificate Border Computer Paper

(6 Pk) Athletic Certificate Border Computer Paper



Athletic Border Paper is great for designing your own certificates, awards, diplomas, invitations, and programs. The border paper features an assortment of sports equipment including a soccer ball, football, basketball, tennis ball, and racket laying on a grassy field. Great for teachers and coaches to use at the end of the year. The border paper can be personalized by hand or from the computer. The paper can be used with an inkjet and laser printer. Measures 8.5' x 11". Each individual pack contains 50 Certificates, Bundle of 6 packs, 300 Certificates total.

Key Features :

Design your owninvitations, certificates, awards and so much more!Reward your students with these stand-out Certificates!Compatible inkjet and laser printersGreat for all academic ages!