(6 Pk) Stikkidots 100 Dots Per Pk

(6 Pk) Stikkidots 100 Dots Per Pk

Fpc Corporation


StikkiDOTS® reusable adhesive - Unique All-Purpose Adhesive! These great little StikkiWAX dots are perfect for both temporary and permanent holding, hanging stabilizing and much more! They're pre-formed into convenient little dots so they are easier and quicker to use. They hold to any to surface and the colorless formula won't color stain materials or surfaces. Non-toxic, non-putty type wax adhesive is removable & reusable and never dries out. Also great for replacing wax on the back of StikkiCLIPS & StikkiCLIPshapes. Replaces pins, tacks, staples & tape. 100's of practical uses! Each pack includes 100 StikkiDots. Sold as 6 packs for a total of 600 StikkiDots.

Key Features :

Securely sticks to all kinds of surfaces without damage or messy adhesive residueHolds firm to a wide range of surfaces including cinder block and metalGreat for permanent and temporary applications - adhesive never dries outNon-Toxic and waterproof