Cooperative Learning Grammar Gr K-2

Cooperative Learning Grammar Gr K-2

Kagan Publishing


Give your little ones the gift of good grammar! This book offers 8 engaging structures to teach those need-to-know grammar skills. The book focuses on five core grammar skills: 1) Synonyms & Antonyms, 2) Parts of Speech, 3) Punctuation, 4) Sentences, and 5) Working with Words. For each skill, you receive structure-based activities and worksheets to reinforce the skills. Partners use RallyCoach to coach each other on finding words that are similar. Students stand up and "Find Someone Who" can identify a pronoun on their sheet. Teams play Showdown to select the correct punctuation for the sentence. The class plays Quiz-Quiz-Trade to quiz each other on contractions. Engage those little minds and bodies as they master essential grammar skills.

Key Features :

The best activities to use in the classroom. Will improve the classroom settingCovers antonyms, synonyms, sentences, punctuation, parts of speech, and working with wordsEight step-by-step cooperative learning structuresOver 100 ready-to-use engaging grammar activities to teach essential grammar skills