Desk Plate Spanish Traditional Manuscript

Desk Plate Spanish Traditional Manuscript

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Spanish desk plates include alphabet line, name plate with left and right handprints, 12'' (30 cm) ruler, number line (0 to 30), shapes and colors, money, counting 1-120 chart, days of the week, and months of the year. Desk plates measure 19" x 5" (48.3 X 12.7 cm). Note: although ch (che), ll (elle), and rr (erre) are not separate letters in the dictionary, as established in 1994 by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), they are shown because of the unique sounds they represent in the Spanish language. Each pack includes 36 desk plates.

Key Features :

Improve learning levels with these handy desk referencesSimply write in students names and tape to students desks for year-round useEach desk plate measures 19" x 5"