Emotion Stones Set Of 12

Emotion Stones Set Of 12

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This set of tactile emotion stones has been developed especially for young learners. The set has all the charm of our bestselling Emotion Stones, and includes eight large stones that are perfect and safe for small hands to explore. Featuring the four emotions that young children most readily identify and experience — happy, sad, surprised and angry — the set includes two examples of each feeling, so that you can use them for matching activities. Durable and washable, they are cast from our unique stone mix and can be used outdoors and in sand and water. Perfect for making play clay images! Each stone measures approximately 2.75 inches.

Key Features :

Tactile and appealing stones dealing with key emotionsCovers happy, sad, angry, frightened, worried, surprised, shy and embarrassedCast from a durable mix including real stoneIncludes handy teacher guide