Geomag Education - Kit Shapes & Space Panels

Geomag Education - Kit Shapes & Space Panels

Geomagworld Usa Inc


By reinforcing the concepts of Euclidean geometry with 2D polygons, 3D forms and much more as they build concrete models and make real-life comparisons, pupils then enjoy elaborating their models in a creative, stimulating and productive classroom environment. This concrete approach to understanding abstract concepts gives pupils a head start.

Key Features :

Encourage a systematic approach that embraces active and collaborative learning.Geomag Education kits introduce an interdisciplinary approach to learning where students apply Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in contexts that reflect real-life experiences and applications.Work groups come to life as students explore 2D polygons, 3D geometric shapes and much more.The engaging content gives insight to both structured and open-ended play.