Learning Sequences Hygiene Habits

Learning Sequences Hygiene Habits

Miniland Educational Corporation


Learning Sequences: Hygiene habits, cards with moments related to different areas of daily hygiene that are to be to put in a sequential order. The cards develop logical thinking and verbal expression, as well as allowing habits to be reinforced and consolidated and encourages personal autonomy. Includes 1 base, 36 plastic cards and 1 teaching guide. Base: 14.25" x 17.75" x 21.5". Cards: 2" x 2".

Key Features :

Make Hygiene Habits Fun!Tools to help children identify letters to put words together. Recommended for first readers.They encourage children to play with and learn the letters, to form their first words, drawing them, painting them, pegging them, sewing them, assembling them…Recommended age 3-6 years