Managing Your Money Lab

Managing Your Money Lab

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This comprehensive set of 5 consumer education games deals players a variety of real-life math and economic situations. The set includes the following games: Managing My Allowance, Discount, Budget, Sale and Bank Account. Players interpret and compute percentages, decimals, and fractions as they consider decisions about purchases, deposits, loans, rent, taxes, and much more. Emphasis is on keeping accurate financial records. All games have easy-to-learn formats. For 2-4 players.

Key Features :

Teach the basics of managing a bank account with these 5 entertaining and educational games.Each game includes a unique objective: save money for college, keep the most accurate financial record, accumulate the most savings, balance a budget and make the wisest purchases.Games feature two levels of gameplay. The instructions include options based on skill level of the players.Help children develop skills real-life skills in managing their money by understanding how a budget works, saving towards a goal and calculating good deals.Games are appropriate for 2-4 payers and grades 3+.Included in the games are game boards, currency, financial record pad, pawns, instructions and more.