Math Talk Mini Bb St Gr 3 & Up

Math Talk Mini Bb St Gr 3 & Up

Creative Teaching Press


This 34-piece Math Talk mini bulletin board will help students in Gr.3 & up : -Understand the meaning and importance of math talk -Use appropriate questions and statements to facilitate structured, math-focused conversations -Develop a deeper understanding of their own math knowledge and thinking Set covers four Math Talk concepts: -Explain -Justify -Solve -Question Includes guide for developing math talk: -Explain your strategy and solution to a partner -Support and defend your strategy and solution -Ask yourself questions as you solve a problem -Ask your partner questions about the strategy/solution -use to solve the problem Also contains an activity guide with lesson and display ideas and related learning standards.

Key Features :

34 pieces; Gr 3 and upSet provides an introduction to math talk: what it is, why it's important for deepening math understanding, and how to do it effectivelyIncludes instructional guide with display ideas and classroom learning activities to supplement your lessonUse the sample questions, conversation starters, statements, and guidelines in this set to help students engage in productive math conversations that deepen their understanding