Move Play Grow

Move Play Grow

Educational Activities


This delightful, award-wining music and movement CD set provides a program that engages young children in playful physical fitness activities to develop: large motor skills, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness and balance and flexibility. Creative movement activities encourage children to explore and practice a variety of skills including throwing, catching, balancing, walking, hopping and jumping. Captivating songs with clear instructions are designed to promote listening to and following directions, boost self-confidence, develop positive relationships with peers, and develop new vocabulary.

Key Features :

Includes a variety of activity songs from basic to more challengingSongs provide opportunity for children to express their imaginationsAuthors include Hap Palmer, Rae Pica, Rosemary HallumCD set includes Easy Does It, Fingerplays and Footplays, Wiggle Giggle and Shake and Children's All-Time Rhythm Favorites