Multicultural Washable Paint 8 Asst 8oz Bottles

Multicultural Washable Paint 8 Asst 8oz Bottles

Crayola Llc


Washable paint combines vibrant color with true washability. Assortment of skin hues gives a realistic palette to children for coloring their world. Students can express themselves freely because paint cleans up with just soap and water and washes easily from skin and most children's clothing. Paint won't chip or rub off. The 8 oz. plastic squeeze bottle has a flip top for easy storage and dispensing.

Key Features :

Does not drip readily from brush, does not separate, freeze-thaw stableEasy, clean dispensing; minimizes spillage wasteTranslucent, plastic squeeze bottle with air-tight flip-top lid8 bottles of 8oz Assorted Washable Multicultural PaintPremium Washable quality Paint easily washes from skin and most washable clothingAssures consistent performance