Number Of The Day Bulletin Board St

Number Of The Day Bulletin Board St

Carson Dellosa

SKU: ERSCD-110471

Learning the number of the day is easy and exciting with the fun activities of the 84-piece Number of the Day Bulletin Board. This set incorporates a hundred chart, a number bond, a number line, ten frames, and place value blocks along with other strategies to reinforce the number of the day. This set includes these pieces: - 1 header (17" x 8.4") - 30 numbers (largest: 1.94" x 2.75", smallest 0.74" x 2.35") - 1 number bond (9.5" x 9.7") - 1 hundred-board puzzle (8.5" x 11.5") - 4 hundred-board overlays (2" x 1.5") - 2 ten frames (5.7" x 11.5") - 9 charts (largest: 5.5" x 23", smallest: 8.5" x 11") - 36 number words (largest: 8.8" x 1.4", smallest: 1.85" x 1.3") Curriculum-based bulletin boards sets are perfect for classrooms with limited display space. They allow you to create a fun and inviting atmosphere while presenting essential standards-based content in a visually appealing way. Each set reinforces important skills and learning strategies and can be displayed for your students to reference all year long.

Key Features :

Provides visual reinforcement to strengthen number skillsPerfect for use in morning meetings, calendar time, or math centersIncludes a 4-page teacher resource guide with display ideas, activities, and reproduciblesDurable and reuseable