Pencil Sharpener Electric School Pro Blue-gray

Pencil Sharpener Electric School Pro Blue-gray

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The SchoolPro sharpener from X-ACTO is the ideal electric pencil sharpener for the classroom. Designed by teachers searching for a product that would place an added emphasis on safety, the SchoolPro features a unique cutting blade that produces a safe, rounded pencil point. This — coupled with the sharpener's durable design and patented guard against over-sharpening — makes this an electric pencil sharpener that is perfect for younger students. X-ACTO electric pencil sharpeners are crafted from the highest quality materials, producing the reliability and performance you come to expect from X-ACTO. Our electric sharpeners feature carbon steel sharpened blades and sturdy construction. X-ACTO sharpeners can handle a variety of different pencils: * Composite pencils * Hard wood pencils * We also have electric sharpeners for crayons! Our electric pencil sharpeners also feature heavy duty, quiet running motors, guaranteeing a precise, clean cut that won't cause a disturbance around the office or classroom. The X-ACTO line of electric pencil sharpeners features several different models, including battery operated pencil sharpeners, to meet all your needs.

Key Features :

Perfect for use in any classroom especially with younger studentsDesigned by teachers with their students safety in mindFeatures a unique cutting blade that produces a safe, rounded pencil pointClear shavings reservoir allows you to see when emptying is neededMade with high quality materials making it durable and reliable