Premium Felt Eraser 5in Chalk & Whiteboard

Premium Felt Eraser 5in Chalk & Whiteboard

Dixon Ticonderoga Co - Pacon


The Standard Eraser is a felt eraser that can be used to clean both chalk and dry erase surfaces. Great for teacher and student use in the classroom or at home to clean a chalk or dry erase surface. Made with six black and white felt strips that are double-stitched to the eraser backing for added durability. The eraser backing is also reinforced for longer eraser life. Measures 5" x 2" x 1-5/16".

Key Features :

This is the highest quality of felt eraser on the market.It is made with 4 black and 2 white high quality felt strips that are double sewn to a very rigid felt backer board and then a second backer board is glued to give this eraser added strength.Each eraser is 5" x 2" x 1-5/16".Very high quality