Quiz-quiz Trade Math Gr K-2

Quiz-quiz Trade Math Gr K-2

Kagan Publishing


Sitting and keeping focused for lengths of time can be a challenge for little ones. Don't despair, Quiz-Quiz-Trade is here. You can create amazing learning while students are up and interacting with classmates. Each student receives a quiz card. For example, with the Shape Safari set, one student receives a triangle card. She pairs up with another student and asks the question: "What shape is this?" After her partner answers, she asks: "How many sides does it have?" After the partner answers, she asks: "How many vertices does it have?" After students quiz each other both ways, they trade cards and find a new partner to quiz. The repetition makes the content stick. The interaction makes the activity fun for all. Book includes 15 different sets on need-to-know primary math content including: adding, counting, measuring, shapes, fact families, fractions, double digits, graphing, and more.

Key Features :

Each set of cards focuses on a need-to-know concept.Quiz-Quiz-Trade is a student favorite!Keeps everyone engaged!Great for practicing concepts, test prep, and for revisiting concepts throughout the year in a fun quizzing format.