Say Watt 6in Designer Cut-outs So Much Pun

Say Watt 6in Designer Cut-outs So Much Pun

Creative Teaching Press


Bring a little "brightness" to your classroom with these So Much Pun! Say Watt? 6" Designer Cut-Outs. These happy little lightbulbs are perfect to bring attention and color to bulletin boards highlighting student work, important announcements, or essential content for students to know. Each pack includes 36 pieces in a single design. Use these lightbulb cut-outs to create fun bulletin boards or projects with these headlines: • "My light shines bright" (to promote self-esteem) • "Our electrifying classroom" (to highlight a science lesson or positive classroom community) • "Light our world with _____ " (fill in with a character trait such as kindness, compassion, etc.) to focus on character education • "Our bright ideas about _____" (to create a student-centered board with ideas generated by students about any topic you choose such as how to be a friend, mammals, my favorite book, and my summer vacation) • "Watt's Happening" (to create a bulletin board focused on important events or topics in the classroom) • "We can save watts and watts" (to create an environment-themed bulletin board about how students can impact their environment by conserving energy) So Much Pun! is a décor collection that highlights the humorous use of words and phrases that are alike or nearly alike in sound but different in meaning. The SMP collection uses wordplay to bring a fun and lighthearted vibe to the classroom that students and teachers will love.

Key Features :

Perfect for classroom organization, labeling book bins, cubby tags, and more!6" cut outs36 pieces per packageThese cut-outs are great as accents on bulletin boards, in classrooms, in hallways, around offices, and in common areas!