Signature Diy Gallery Designer

Signature Diy Gallery Designer

Crayola Llc


Crayola Signature DIY Gallery Designer offers an eclectic collection of specially textured papers, 3D origami designs and artistry tools to inspire creation of your own gallery wall. This set features Signature Pearlescent Paint Markers and Gel Sticks to add a special touch or shimmery finish. Contents include (4) Pearlescent Paint Markers, (4) Pearlescent Gel Sticks, (2) 8x10 Quartz Paper, (2) 5x7 Quartz Paper, (6) 3x5 Quartz Paper, (2) 5x7 Textured Paper, (5) 3x5 Textured Paper, (4) 3D Origami Sheets, and (1) Instruction Booklet.

Key Features :

The Pearlescent Paint Markers and Gel Sticks are perfect for adding inspirational quotes or mantras to your gallery wallEasy to follow, the origami book guides you through creating beautiful DIY gallery art with the quartz and textured paper included in this Origami kitGreat for arts and crafts projectsThis art gift set is great for adults or teens age 14 and up