Timber Punchout Uppercase Letters

Timber Punchout Uppercase Letters

Creative Teaching Press


These Timber 5" Uppercase Designer Letters bring a woodsy and rustic style to bulletin boards. Use these wooden plank design punch-out letters with our Woodland Friends and Safari Friends decor collections, or with any classroom theme that relates to animals, outdoors, nature, and camping! Each pack includes 106 uppercase paper letters (approximately 5" high). The fun look of these ready letters makes them versatile for use on any bulletin board or display in a school, an office, a college dorm, a senior living residence, a church, or a daycare center. Pack includes: A-7, B-4, C-4, D-5, E-7, F-4, G-4, H-5, I-7, J-2, K-2, L-5, M-3, N-6, O-7, P-3, Q-1, R-5, S-5, T-6, U-6, V-2, W-2, X-1, Y-2, Z-1

Key Features :

Approx. 5"; 106 punch out piecesComes with uppercase paper lettersThese letters bring a woodsy and rustic style to bulletin boardsDesigner letters are ready to go for creating personalized headlines for bulletin boards, student projects, party signs, hallways, doors, classrooms, offices, and more!