Toddler Kindermat Blue-pink Without Pillow Section

Toddler Kindermat Blue-pink Without Pillow Section

Peerless Plastics Inc.


The Toddler KinderMat is the perfect option for your, well let's face it, picky toddlers. The dual color, Pink/Blue design ensures the mat stays clean throughout the week. One color side is for the floor, the other color for laying down. Toddler Mats are 3/4" thick and measure 21" x 46". The four-section, tri-fold mat folds down to 11" x 21", making it perfect to bring to school, daycare, traveling, or even to leave it at home! Mats are made of a water resistant 8 mil vinyl and foam filling. Disinfecting is a breeze, simply wipe down with a warm soapy cloth or purchase one of our washable sheets to cover the mat.

Key Features :

Measures 21" x 46" and 3/4" thickTough 8-mil vinyl coveringBlue/Pink color combinationFour sections, with a tri-fold to 11" x 19", perfect fit for cubbiesEasy cleaning with warm soapy water