Toddlerific Cd

Toddlerific Cd

Kimbo Educational


Action time can be learning time for toddlers! This playful best seller for toddlers includes peek-a-boos, wiggles, quiet time, fun and more! Includes guide with lyrics. Songs include: 1. How Do You Do and Shake Hands 2. Following The Leader 3. Trolley Song 4. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo 5. Jump Nyabinghi 6. Ring Around A Rainbow 7. Let's Count the Animals 8. Look, Point, What Do You See? 9. Quiet Time 10. Funny Faces 11. Step In Time 12. Wiggle Walk 13. Polka Time 14. Me Too 15. Can Can 16. Fun Days With You 17. Sharing 18. A Whole New World

Key Features :

Action, silly-time fun, sounds, funny faces, etcPeek-a-boos, wiggles and giggles, 'me too's"-even a toddler can-can!