Woodland Friends 3in Cutouts

Woodland Friends 3in Cutouts

Creative Teaching Press


These Woodland Friends 3" cut-outs will brighten any classroom or child's room. Friendly woodland animals featured are a raccoon, fox, deer, hedgehog, and owl. These animal cut-outs are perfect for use in a variety of classroom displays and themes or at a child's birthday party. Perfect for use on a classroom calendar. These fun cut-outs are also perfect for the calendar, classroom labels, desk and cubby tags, accents on bulletin boards, designating class groups, student-made books, scrapbooks, gift tags, and more! They can be used in lessons for patterning and graphing activities, sorting, and fun game pieces. Each pack includes 36 pieces, 6 each of 6 designs.

Key Features :

3"; 36 per package6 each of 6 animal designs: raccoon, fox, deer, hedgehog, owl, bearPerfect for use in a variety of classroom displays and themes including science, nature, outdoors, animals, and campingAlso great for party decorations, math manipulatives, and more