Word Fact Oh Analogies Game

Word Fact Oh Analogies Game

Learning Advantage


Use concentration and memory to find the three analogies that connect with each solution card. Winner is the first player to accurately combine the four cards and build a word-fact-oh! triangle for each group of connected cards. word-fact-oh!™, a spinoff of the popular math-fact-oh!™ game series, is a fun motivational activity for improving memory and concentration while building and reinforcing basic word skills. Opportunities for explaining and questioning solutions are an integral part of gameplay. Included "Game Changer" cards increase the challenge and fun! Contents include 24 solution cards (8 per level), 72 connection cards (24 per level), 9 game changer cards (3 per level), instructions.

Key Features :

Included "Game Changer" cards increase the challenge and fun!Provides varied levels of gameplay, offering coherence across grade levels and across increasingly difficult levels of analogies.Increases opportunities for student conversations that verbalize thinking and explain relationships between analogies.Increases student engagement and interaction.Provides timely feedback for correction of errors, or for confirmation of correct connections between analogies.Offers suggestions for individual and small group activities to both support and extend the concept of analogies.